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    Project Joining

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    Since the implementation of the Group's "1000" Blue Sea Development Plan, Cathay Pacific Fire Control has led the new direction of national fire engineering development with the charm of industry leaders, and has achieved fruitful results. Recently, in order to further cooperate with the Group's "1000" expansion plan and meet the company's development needs, the Group decided to formally adjust the policy direction of Cathay Pacific project franchise, and began to recruit branch companies and subsidiary partners nationwide, so as to make the channels of project franchise more layered and more flexible, thus enlarging the whole project. China's fire industry, the broad support of engineers. At this point, Cathay Pacific Group's engineering partners will usher in new development opportunities. In addition, Cathay Pacific Group has also tailored five supporting policies for the vast number of engineers, from brand to product, from engineering to service, to support the development of partners in an all-round way, giving the greatest harvest to firefighters throughout the country!

    1. Brand support. Every year, the Group Launches tens of millions of CCTV advertisements; nationwide online marketing promotion, industry newspaper advertisements, artillery advertising radiation, terminal VI unified design support, marketing activities and other media joint marketing support.

    2. Product support. Fire protection products (the industry has a rich variety, the most varieties, the most complete specifications of products: covering steel fire doors, fire doors, wooden fire doors, fire curtain doors, fire box, bolt gun buckles, fire retardants, fire extinguishers, gas fire extinguishing systems, water belts, lamps, personal equipment, etc.); building materials products (exterior wall insulation materials); Anti-product equipment, etc.

    3. Engineering support. Engineering information (Group provides free customer information to promote the business development of subsidiaries); Engineering qualification (Free and free to provide design and construction integration level I qualification); Engineering bidding support, engineering budget support, engineering design support, etc.

    4. Policy support for franchise. No franchise fee, no project management fee, personnel training support, project management support, financial management support, etc.

    5. Channel support. The Group has offices in various cities to provide product sales service support. This time Cathay Pacific Group adjusts the policy of project franchise in an all-round way, recruits branch companies and subsidiary partners in a diversified mode of cooperation, and pioneers a special support policy for project franchise. The senior personages in the industry analyze that this will bring huge revenue to the firefighters who cooperate with Cathay Pacific Fire Group. At the same time, it will also have an important impact on the whole fire industry!

    National Unified Service Hotline: 400-8878-119

    National Unified Franchise Hotline: 025-86331599, 86331699, 86171799 Transfer Investment


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